Wednesday, 23 January 2013

See Bangla fonts in Opera mini on your mobile

  See Bangla in Opera mini

If you have some questions like "how to see Bangla font in opera mini browser?","how to read Bangla in Opera mini?", "how to view Bangla in Opera mini?" then you are on right place to solve the questions. Now let's follow the instruction below to see and read Bangla font in Opera mini browser on your mobile.

See Bangla fonts in Opera browser on your mobile

  • At first you have to have Opera mini on your mobile to do the action. If you don't have then you can download it form here and install.
  • Now go to your opera mini browser address bar and type about:config then go.
  • After going on about:config then find out "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts". OMG! you are seeing this "No" ? 
  • Don't worry, make it "Yes". 
  • Thats it. You are done successfully and enjoy Bangla on you opera mini mobile browser.
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