Wednesday, 23 January 2013

See Bangla fonts in Opera mini on your mobile

  See Bangla in Opera mini

If you have some questions like "how to see Bangla font in opera mini browser?","how to read Bangla in Opera mini?", "how to view Bangla in Opera mini?" then you are on right place to solve the questions. Now let's follow the instruction below to see and read Bangla font in Opera mini browser on your mobile.

Make internet faster by speeding up your Firefox web browser

Make internet faster by speeding up your Firefox web browser: Internet might be our part and parcel  in everyday life. Internet technology serves us in various ways to make our life easy. But sometimes we get bore using internet due to Internet speed problem which is very common problem for South Asian countries.To solve the problem now the post providing you a fantastic and 100% working solution. This solution is given for them who are using Firefox as his web browser. Now follow the following instruction.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gmail Notifier for getting Gmail alert instantly on your desktop

 Gmail Notifier

gmail notifier xxxGmail notifier undoubtedly a fantastic Google product for it's awesome feature. Most of us are using Google Gmail service for their communication via email. Email service user need to check their update if anyone send them a massage. But sometimes user getting bore checking email from web-address. For that reason they miss some valuable massages. No more tension dear user, you would be glad to know that Gmail notifier has come to make your life easy. Now you can check your Gmail without opening browser by using Gmail notifier. (wow!!! very cool, isn't it?)